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Written Translation

Technical Translation

Translation of technical texts must accurately reflect the meaning of the original text in the form as close as possible to the original. For performing this kind of translation, one must not only have an excellent foreign language knowledge, but also be well familiar with a particular technical industry. Technical translation requires specific knowledge and must be performed by a specialist familiar with a specific subject matter. Professionals with precisely these qualities work for Translion. More »

Legal Translation

Translation of legal texts is currently one of the most requested types of translation. This is due to constant development of foreign economic relations, and strengthening of political and cultural ties between the countries. Translation of legal texts includes translation of agreements, certificates, contracts, charters, official documents, founding documents, court documents, powers of attorney, statements, notarial documents, licenses, laws and regulations, as well as other documents handled by lawyers. More »

Financial Translation

Finance (from Latin“financia” - cash, income) is a general economic term that means both money and financial resources in the light of their creation, flow, distribution, redistribution and utilization, and economic relations subject to mutual settlements between entities, cash flows, money circulation, and utilization of funds. This is why translation of financial texts requires special attention. The translator’s task here is not only to convey the meaning, but also to be well familiar with specific terms.

Economic Translation

Economic translation is considered one of the most time-consuming and difficult types of processing the text. Documents and articles are filled with collocations, neologisms, specific expressions, abbreviations and professional terms. Neglecting specifics of economic texts translation and lack of translators’ knowledge have a negative impact on the text quality, and therefore, lead to collapsed deals, misunderstanding between the partners, termination of contracts and other problems in business. More »

Medical Translation

Medical translation requires specific knowledge of medical terms, utmost expertise and attention, as even the littlest inconsistency in the text can lead to unpredictable consequences for the people’s health and well-being. Translion specialists are well familiar with medical industry and know medical terms, that is why we are trusted with translation of academic papers, methodical literature, accompanying documents for the medical equipment and software, annotations to pharmaceuticals, certificates, results of medical examinations, and conclusions. More »

Translation of Business and Personal Correspondence

Translation of personal documents can be called one of the most popular types of translation as of today. Each of us has at least once faced the necessity of translating the documents into foreign languages. They can be required when applying for residence permit or employment abroad, name change, settlement of inheritance matters, and so on. If the document is not translated into the language of a country where it will be submitted, it will not have legal force in that country. That is why translation of personal documents is so important, - even a small error can cause problems when obtaining the required documents. More »

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