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Certification by the Seal of Translator

Certification by the seal of Translation Agency/translator is performed upon the customer’s request when the original document is not subject to notarization due to its non-compliance with requirements of the Law of Ukraine “On the Notaries”, or when notarization is not required. The seal of Translation Agency/translator can be affixed to any document translated by translators of our Agency. For example: - translation of a contract; - translation of a legal document; - translation of articles of association of a company; - translation of a bank account; - translation of a manual; - translation of a technical document; - translation of a passport; - translation of a power of attorney; - translation of a Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, or Death Certificate; - translation of a letter; - translation of a medical document; - translation of a diploma; - translation of an appendix to diploma, etc.


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Manners of translations payment:

  • - Cashless translation
  • - Payment cashs to the courier
  • - Payment cashs in our office
  • - Payment on-line translation

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