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Website Translation and Localization

What is “website translation” and “website localization”? What’s the difference between these concepts?

Website translation means translation of its text and adaptation to the specifics of the target segment (Result: website translation in Microsoft Word format).

HTML makeup (Result: HTML pages with translation of invisible text as well). Text replacement in images, Flash files and other multimedia formats (Result: files of corresponding formats).



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  • - Bank transfer
  • - Cash payment in our office
  • - Payment by electronic transfer

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  • Kyiv, Saksagansky st, b. 43b (in yard), office 5, (room 2)
  • Phone.: +34(641) 55-49-38
  • mob.phone. : +38(098) 372-15-38
  • E-mail: translion@gmail.com
  • Working hours: 9:30 to 18:00 on weekdays (closed on weekends)

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