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Economic Translation

 Economic translation 

Today successful companies enter the international arena. There is a need to provide information translation services in order to exchange opinions with foreign partners, maintain contact, and enter into profitable deals. Translion employees help companies and corporations to conduct business negotiations, provide reports, and translate securities.

     Economic translation is our company priority direction, as modern business rules set tough competition, and it will not be possible to cope without help of professionals.


     Translion agency has its own terminology base for financial activity that allows linguists to be economically competent. The text goes through several stages of correcting. Initially, translators work on it, then the work is given to the editor for approval. "Economic translation" phrase assumes a focus on currency, financial, and tax affairs.

Translion linguists translate the following:

· reports;

· bid documents;

· marketing information;

· economic textbooks;

· expert reports;

· price lists;

· contracts and agreements, and etc.

By studying the international partner experience, economies of other highly developed countries, one can achieve colossal results in own activities. In addition to papers helping to conduct business, translation of foreign scientific research and materials aimed at improving financial knowledge is popular.


Company work principles:

1. Agency translators do not go beyond business style, because economic materials are conservative and do not allow for emotional coloring. However, they set out the information with understandable terms.

2. Our linguists are not only talented professionals, but also attentive, diligent, scrupulous, and punctual. Processing economic documents is responsible and time-consuming task that requires an integrated approach. Materials cannot be issued to the customer with typos, errors, and unreliable information. The slightest error will lead to misunderstanding, loss, and termination of cooperation with foreign partners.

3. Financial papers require legalization and notarization. Business correspondence of international partners is executed in accordance with the standards, and is sealed. Otherwise, the document will be invalid. We provide our customers with these services.

That is why specialized translations should be ordered exclusively at the translation agency with good reputation.


Reasons to trust economic translation to our linguists:

· Translion employees are competent and skilled in the financial sector;

· translators do not distort the text meaning and convey all its essence completely;

· our linguists are fluent in various world's languages;

· company personnel allow to complete the most complex work on time, without keeping customers to wait;

· documents go through several quality control stages;

· the agency has modern terminology base and the necessary equipment;

· agency pricing policy is loyal, and there are discounts for regular customers; and

· complete confidentiality guarantees. We value your trust, that is why we have the non-disclosure rule.

Translion employees passed a tough selection, because you need to know special phrases and set expressions to translate correctly and convey information in other language. At Translion works with economic documents are conducted by highly professional linguists. They not only have diplomas of translators, or philologists, but also understand economics. Some of our employees have two university degrees.

Contact us by specified phone numbers. The manager will be happy to consult you on all issues.

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