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Notarization of Translation

TRANSLION Translation Agency provides the following notarization services:

1. Notarization of translation accuracy

2. Notarization of accuracy of both translation and copies

3. True copy notarization

4. Presence of certified translator/interpreter at the notary office Notarization of translation is required for submission of documents to the authorities.



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Payment options:

  • - Bank transfer
  • - Cash payment in our office
  • - Payment by electronic transfer

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  • Адрес бюро перекладів Kyiv, Kotsyubinsky str. 1, office 107
  • Phone translation agency KyivPhone: +38(098) 372-15-38
  • email translation agencyE-mail: translion@gmail.com
  • Working hours translation agencyWorking hours: 9:30 to 18:00 on weekdays (closed on weekends)