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Technical Translation

Scientific and technical progress makes itself felt. Products of millions of enterprises need to be translated into rare and popular world's languages. Certified linguists can independently translate information competently, adhering to the stylistic direction and keeping the semantic load. Technical Translation in Translion guarantees work execution at the proper professional level.


Qualified technical translator should have narrow specialization. Linguists dealing with information about the equipment understand its operation thoroughly. Translion personnel working with software are not just advanced users, but also professionals who are familiar with the OS. If we work with the oil industry, we select an editor with relevant work experience.

Translion offers translations in the following subject matters:

· agricultural;

· oil and gas;

· IT;

· construction;

· telecommunication; and

· metallurgical and etc.

Translations of manuals, instructions, descriptions, brochures, certificates, and etc. are trusted to Translion.


What is the difference between the technical linguist work? A person handling with specific information must be technologically competent. Even the most experienced and gifted philologist cannot always impress with such knowledge. It is not appropriate to use emotional expressions, phrases should be understood by foreign representatives, and the terminology should be consistent with the context. Technical translator handles texts so that the result was identical to the source. There are relevant variations that can be used by the professional.

Large corporations have their own translators specializing in the industry. It is not profitable for modest companies to have additional personnel; it is more reasonable to use translation agency services. Self-respecting translation agencies engage technical translators who are able to cope with complex tasks as well as corporate employees. As a rule, they do not need additional help, but in case of a need, other linguists are involved for editing. As a result, we get a document that completely matches the source material.

Translion translators passed the strictest selection. Here are linguists and workers with higher technical education in various fields that allows to complete the project quickly.


1. Technical translation notarization

2. Technical translation certification with translation agency seal 


Translion does not set impossible goals. Therefore, general subject translators do not work on technical projects in our translation agency. Even if the person understands the subject, he/she needs time for it. We cannot break deadlines and undermine customer confidence. Minimal deviations will entail serious consequences.

It is beneficial to cooperate with Translion because we:

· aware of the work responsibility degree;

· we have all the resources for quick project delivery;

· have top places in rankings among competitors;

· provide loyal pricing policy;

· there is a discount program for loyal customers;

· certified translators and editors work in our team;

· work with all world's languages; and

· provide notarization and legalization services.

Our agency approaches scrupulously to technical translation. We have a great baggage of projects with drawings, business plans, instructions, and etc. Dealing with us you should not doubt in translated text quality.

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