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Legal translation

Legal translation

Today legal translation is one of the most popular translation types. It is due to the constant development of foreign economic relations, as well as strengthening political and cultural ties between different countries.

    Legal text translation includes translation of agreements, certificates, contracts, charters, official documents, constituent documents, court documents, powers of attorney, applications, notarial documents, licenses, laws and regulations, and other documents that lawyers deal with.

    Many of the above documents are referred to as template ones, because they contain a large number of clichés and set expressions. In English-speaking countries there is a special name for legal language or jargon — legalese or lawspeak. Therefore, it is quite problematic to translate such texts, if you know speaking English only.

   Legal correspondence translation projects are complex and requiring an experienced professional approach and jurisprudence field knowledge. In addition, presentation should be concise and official. A linguist working on such projects must understand the source material subject.


Translion employees perform orders competently and professionally. We translate the following legal documents:

· statutory papers and contracts;

· certificates;

· acts;

· conclusions;

· court decisions;

· evaluation materials;

· insurance policies;

· licenses; and

· applications.

     Translation of these and other materials (consult with the manager) is done in accordance with legal regulations. Translion collaborates with experienced notaries. If necessary, the agency provides notarization and legalization services.


      Due to the fact that commerce is developing rapidly today, and the number of international business relationships is increasing, translation of contracts is in demand. You need to submit to other countries representatives the materials translated into their language thoroughly and accurately. The translator must have knowledge of execution specifics and know how to use specialized terminology. When performing such a serious task, inaccuracies and distortions are unforgivable, therefore, we have serious approach to work. Minimal deviations cause essential consequences. It is necessary to work with skilled specialists only.

      Ideally, the linguist working with jurisprudence materials should have two university degrees. Only the translator who navigates in complex business terms is able to use them competently. In addition, the person involved in legal projects must know thoroughly the country law.

At Translion all employees passed several checks before employment. We appreciate graduates with completed law degree and experience in the jurisprudence field. The agency’s personnel are not limited to translators. Materials are given to editors for check. Each sentence is checked for appropriate terminology that provides better results.


Legal project implementation is entrusted to experienced linguist teams. Information is checked carefully for compliance with the law.

You should trust to Translion because:

1. The team consists of experienced translators, native speakers, lawyers, and editors that allows to control working processes and achieve perfection.

2. Personal customer information will remain within the agency walls. We have the information non-disclosure principle. Translion employees sign the non-disclosure agreement.

3. We do not break deadlines, deliver projects on time, and work promptly. Well-arranged process allows to perform complex tasks without delaying the client.

4. Loyal pricing policy. Our prices will be a welcome surprise for you. There are discounts for regular customers.

   Translion works with individuals and corporations. We provide the proper service level, and we care about our reputation. Therefore, you should not worry about the information leakage possibility, non-timely work delivery or personnel illiteracy.

    Our personnel have the strongest linguists who can handle the most difficult tasks. For any questions, please contact us by specified phone numbers.

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