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Interpretation: when do we need it? I think we each asked this question. However when facing the necessity of oral communication whether in business or visiting the foreign country, you understand the importance of interpretation. Of course your friend- student-linguist or senior pupil of lingual vocational school can come to help.

For example, in tourist episodes without strict requirements to interpretation. But if you need to understand and inform your foreign partners or customers you do not go without professional interpretation. Because when interpreting it is important not only to convey the meaning correctly, but also to make it as nearly as possible. 

Interpretation services can be required in a number of situations. Importance of interpretation lies not only in expressing the general meaning, but in doing it as accurate as possible.

There are a few types of interpretation: simultaneous interpretation, consecutive interpretation, and telephone negotiations. There is a significant difference between them. Simultaneous interpretation requires the most accurate translation of a person’s speech. It’s a highly difficult task and only a qualified specialist can perform it. Excellent knowledge of foreign language is not enough for this, - the specialist must also have a good memory, mental and physical endurance. This type of interpretation can be often heard at different international conferences and congresses. That is why it is considered the most difficult type of interpretation.

Consecutive interpretation is also important and used more often than simultaneous one. In this case the speaker pauses providing an opportunity for their words to be interpreted. Consecutive interpretation is most often used at business meetings and cultural events. You’ll make a right choice by requesting interpretation services from us! Our specialists do not only possess the skills of professional interpreters, but are also familiar with different subject areas. They know industry terminology, can choose proper words and understand situation without interfering with a meeting. Translion Translation Agency will always help you with organization of interpretation services.


Cost of Interpretation

Escort, tours, presentations. conferences, seminars, negotiations, and work of interpreter at the customer’s office

 6 euro / Hour

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